The day was very boring: no wind, sun, the track was following the high-speed railway, no village festivals. The buzzing of insects, the monotonous humming of our chains … this made us a bit sleepy while pedalling. However, the time for lunch came and with it The life of Brian.

In case there is a living creature in this world who does not know who Brian is: Brian is our angel, saviour, lord protector, chef, messiah, mother AND father, the shining light in the darkest night and of course the prince in the white van. In addition to the above, Brian is also Irish (very lovely accent).

He is the one who asks us every evening what we want to eat the following day. Not only that, he then buys it, finds a romantic location (with a feature such as a lake, an abandoned basketball playground, a huge tree, a park, a well) and serves it. He makes all our trials seem easy by his wicked humour, chocolate or cherries. In the morning, he loads the van, in the evening, he gives us our pyjamas and non(less)-smelly clothes. All that without complaining. NO! Actually with a smile on his Irish face.

When he passes by our caravan he never misses the chance to make us jump on our saddles by honking. Also, when we are unsure whether the posh hotel GPS took us to is really ours, we are relieved by the sight of the white van (and Brian, who shows up out of nowhere shortly after our arrival).

Brian is a superhero, almost a perfect human being. There is only one fault we could detect in his otherwise spotless character: he does not ride a bike.

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