Members of teams A-D have returned home and we’ve all been receiving the same compliments about our shapely bodies, glowing complexion and shiny hair; what were we eating? It must have been a five-meals-per-day diet, full of fibres, low on carbs and fats! The truth is, however, that we were eating like pigs.* Quality- and quantity wise.

In the morning, each of us had a bowl of yogurt, at least two buns with cheese, salami and even Nutella. Scrambled eggs followed, all of this generously soaked with several mugs of coffee. While cycling we munched on pretty much anything: chocolate, granola and protein bars, sugar and minerals.

Then came our beloved Brian with his gourmet picnic lunch. Down our throats went buckets of hummus with cheese and mackerel, sometimes spiced with gummy candy. Salami with strawberries and pickles, tomatoes with chocolate (of course some were enjoying normal combinations, but then again, what IS normal?). All of this in incredible quantities (this is why Brian is driving a van and not just a car, right?).

We sat down for dinner at any restaurant that was willing to serve ten savage cyclists. Cutlery was falling on the floor,** the list of deserts was being asked for before the main course had been ordered,*** if not vigilant enough, food was being stolen from your plate by a neighbour. A bacchanal! A ZOO!

We were a happy bunch, nevertheless. And while (some of us) did not lose any weight despite 4500 kcal burned per day, we came home healthier and happier. And this is what matters most.

* actual words from a senior member of the team
** and still being used afterwards, since “it only fell down once”

*** tiramisu, there should also be some room for tiramisu in the belly

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  1. Simeon


    Nothing better to fuel an afternoon of cycling than the perfect combination of mackerel with cornichons and chocolate!
    Glad you didn’t miss the gummy bears 🙂

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