As usual was also this day as interesting as the previous ones..the day started in Oranienbaum that shows in its history connections with earlier Dutch in the blog of yesterday mentioned: the former Dutch queen Beatrix came years ago paying tribute to this connexion.
In this respect it is funny to know that nobility was in the Netherlands historically under-appreciated . The monarchy was vested in 1813 by a perfectly succeeded coupe d’état of the British government to avoid the Prussians to come to close to the North Sea..
By the way, Hanne..thanks again for finding this so well equipped place like we also experienced in the end of the afternoon in Bad Lauchstädt..
This very day the 8 Musketeers had an unexpected but inevitable guest..the ‘Dutch Mountains’ or, in other words..the -strong- wind, coming exactly from the direction we were heading for.
And the combination with a free but obligatory visit to the frequently popping up open air ‘museums’ of prehistoric cobblestone collections'( see e.g. Charlotte at the end of one of the visits’ ) made it a really remarkable day.A ll my respect for my colleague riders and in particular for our robust captain James with his appearance showing no fear at all for this violence.
But, there was more..the softly changing landscape indicating we are leaving now ‘le plat pays’ for a full fledged hilly part tomorrow, Sunday.. the endless solar panel-fields as well as the energy producing modern windmills showing the German will to contribute to better energy..the flowers all around to improve our mental condition, especially by my favorite poppies…
And..for the faits-divers.. what to think of an 18th century artistically carved and painted stone-column in some villages indicating the time it takes to reach ..on horseback..your desired destination.. as a predecessor of our modern all to just factual indications..
And..not to forget a sport/van- typed Trabant with as drivers quote..’ when I like to drive a Benz, I’ll call a taxi’. The ‘good old ‘Trabi’, dumped on the dump of history but f.e. in the Netherlands surviving as well appreciated collectors item…
In the end of our 85 km trip we were surprised with a luxury stay in Bad Lauchstädt, a historical Thermal- city with Goethe connexions that not only provided us in the ‘Kurparkhotel with very acceptable accommodation but give Katarina and Charlotte the opportunity to enjoy a good spa before a good dinner (in Restaurant Lindenhof) with everything you expect as a reward after a tough ( and successfully finished) fight with the Dutch Mountains’…..
And..for whom still was proven again that black swans exist.
Tomorrow new adventures with Sebastian who strengthened our group today..

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